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Visual Concepts Graphics & Printing is structured to accommodate the multiple printing needs of your business.  Our staff can help you determine the scope of your project and identify whether your project is a "Custom" job or a "Gang-Run" job.


For our "Custom" jobs, all we need is your imagination. Visual Concepts will cater to your every design need. You come up with the ideas and our Design Team will express your vision in print. Putting together your "Custom" job orders allows us to work on some very impressive projects, from catalogs to event programs to magazines and innovative product packaging. We know how to handle your designs and are always sure to help you get the best printing your dollar can buy, whether it takes dye cutting, foil stamping, embossing or spot UV coating -- we can do it all!   


We have designed a fast, efficient and inexpensive production system, called "Gang-Runs", uniquely prepared to accommodate the volume and turn-around needs of our clients.  Our "Gang-Runs" allow us to incorporate an innovative approach to making a high quality million dollar printing press accessible to a greater number of clients. The "Gang-Runs" pricing is based on full color (cmyk) offset printing, printed on on a wide variety of paper stocks.

What can you envision?

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Most Common Gang-Run Stocks
  • 100lb Gloss Book (Gloss UV Optional)
  • 14pt Coated (Gloss Spot UV Optional)

Specialty Stocks Currently Available on Gang-Runs

  • 60lb Gloss Book
  • 70lb Text Uncoated
  • 10pt Coated
  • 11pt Coated (Gloss Spot UV and Silk Laminaton Optional)
  • 14pt Uncoated
  • 15pt Coated (Gloss Spot UV and Silk Laminaton Optional)
  • 16pt Coated One Side (C1S)
  • 16pt Coated (Gloss Spot UV Optional)
  • 12pt Uncoated
  • 70lb Text White Linnen
  • 100lb Cover Embossed Linen
  • 100lb Cover Sand Embossed
  • 10pt Cross-hatched Embossed
  • 14pt Silvery Metallic
  • 14pt Champagne Metallic
  • 9pt PP Synthetic
  • Poly Frost